AccuraMed was founded in 2016,which is a high-tech company focusing on the detection and analysis of tissue biological markers, the discovery of innovative tumor drug targets, and the development of clinical and pathological immunodiagnostic testing solutions. Research on tumor immunity related to the current hot spots is committed to providing customers with advanced tumor tissue immune microenvironment analysis solutions. At present, the company has two in-situ analysis solutions for tissue sections: CODEX single-cell proteomics analysis platform that supports ultra-multi-target marker analysis (providing detection and analysis of up to 50 biomarkers in situ in tissue) and Phenoptics multi-color pathological analysis platform supporting 9-color fluorescent labeling can meet the experimental requirements of different customers and is committed to promoting the application and development of multi-target biomarker analysis solutions in the field of life sciences and translational medicine. In the future, AccuraMed will continue to carry out in-depth integration and development of products with innovation as the driving force to promote the breakthrough development of tumor immunity, innovative immunotherapy and pathological diagnosis technology, which will bring revolutionary changes to the diagnosis and treatment of tumors.